Your Deeds are Your Monuments – Brad

I am creating monuments to my children.  Some in stone, some in a more enduring medium.

If by my actions I affect the course of another’s life, then my life extends into their cone of influence.  I may not see the waves hit the shore, but it was my stone thrown into the water that created them.

Be with them.  I want to create opportunities for you to be with them.  To connect and to share.

I learned from a friend that children do not receive the lessons that you prepare.  Rather, they see you, who you are, what you do, and how you feel.  You cannot give a child self-worth while feeling worthless in your own right.  You cannot teach them to care for and value themselves while abusing your own body.  You cannot inspire them to read while watching television every night.

I hope to again one day have children who will see me smile, who will watch me change the world and want to be like dad.  Such deeds would be my greatest monuments.

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